ARTmakers © Stephanie Kozemchak 

ARTmakers are private - individual or small group - hands on classes that nurture, inspire and encourage emerging artists of all ages to explore their creativity. Private classes are custom created and based on the specific interests and needs of each student. Small group classes help students learn basic art concepts while developing and improving their art skills. 

ARTmakers is a safe place for students to learn something new, without fear of failure. I discuss what each student hopes to learn and try to incorporate that into the lessons.  Because the lessons are structured to teach fundamentals of skills and concepts in a fun way so that students build confidence in their own artistic voice, we cover many different 2 D mediums.  Occasionally, we do create 3 D artwork.  I reference great artists, their mediums and what the artistic goal of the artwork.  I encourage students to use their imaginations and memory to create work that is significant to them.  Since the classes are very small each student receives a lot of attention.  Sometimes I work along side of the students so that I can model the technique of a new material without interfering with their own exploration of it.  I use only materials that are environmentally safe.  We occasionally use oil pastels, but not oil paints.

Children’s classes are designed to introduce elementary and teenaged students to age appropriate materials and art concepts while they explore an array of art making styles and techniques. These lessons foster confidence and creativity in beginning and intermediate students, as well as those who have an abundance of innate ability. ARTmakers stresses process rather than product at this level. Tuition is $80 for four 1-hour classes.  If you would like to try a few lessons to see if it is a match for your child, it is $40 per individual lesson. 

Adult classes currently meet, Saturday morning 10 am-12 noon and Monday evening, 6:30-8:3- pm pm.  Additional classes are formed as needed. The adult classes are designed to meet each student’s particular interests and need.  Often, each student is working on something different.  The tuition for adult classes is $30 per class, or $125 for five classes.

Tuition covers all art supplies that are high-grade student quality materials - just below professional grade.  All classes are conducted at Lakeview Studio (6507 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, VA 22041) and taught by Stephanie Kozemchak. Stephanie has over 40 years of art education experience, both in teaching and curriculum design in local independent schools and colleges.  Please contact me for more information.



STUDENT ARTWORK       © Stephanie Kozemchak 2016