House Portraits

"Home is where the heart is". Before you move to your new dream home, commission a watercolor painting of your first home, the home you raised your children in, the home you grew up in. Such a personal architectural rendering will always bring back fond memories of your first Christmas together, your child's first steps, a rung on your ladder to success.

Commission a painting or drawing of your cottage, cabin in the woods, beach house or summer house and hang it proudly in your city home. It will always invoke those fun time memories with family and friends around the barbeque or bonfire, lounging on the dock with a good book, fishing,  sailing, and swimming.

Gift Certificates Available:

A watercolor house portrait makes a wonderful house warming gift, a memory of a house once lived in or simply a celebration of your present pride and joy.  Gift Certificates expire within one year of purchase.    

Painting Size                               Painting Matted Only                     Painting Framed

3x5 image area                                      $150.00                                       $200.00 (5x7)

5×7 image area                                      $250.00                                      $275.00 (8x10)

House Portraits Gallery

Pet Portraits

Who has the best pet in the world?

You do of course. And the best way to show others your special pet is with an original  Pet Portrait.

Most people consider their dog, cat, horse, or other pet part of the family. They give you the unconditional love that only a pet can give. They're loyal, loving, forgiving, sensitive, and they're always there when you need a friend. The memories you share with a pet are often among the most precious you will ever make.

It is this devotion that makes an Acrylic pet portrait of your cat, dog, horse or any animal a perfect gift for any occasion. Or even for yourself! Custom Acrylic Pet Portraits are a wonderful way to cherish our beloved pets and are a true memorial of the pets we love.

Gift Certificates Available:

Gift Certificates expire within one year.


Painting Size             Gallery Wrapped Canvas Only            Painting Framed

8x10 image area                             $175.00                                    $225.00 (8x10)

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